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Efficient HR Support
Efficient HR Support

Our services are specifically focused on Small Businesses like yours and include 5 key areas of focus

Ensuring Talent for the Future

Prepare your small business for the future with our specialized succession planning services


What Say Our Happy Clients

Kerri Johnson

Business will always be the art of engaging with people. And thankfully Steve shares his valuable wisdom and skills to help us do this better. Through years of practicing HR and Business-Management, Steve understands people. His kind and calm coaching has helped our team develop this art too. We now hold greater ability to communicate clearly which flows into smarter processes, more revenue, and more beautiful relationships. This work isn't easy, but Steve holds us accountable to necessary good action, and encourages the effort of our development at each stage. Empowering our team to live deeper into its vision, mission, and values; I truly appreciate Steve's ability to come alongside people independently and organizationally at the same time.

Kerri Johnson Owner, Mannes Body Shop
Jose Falla

I have been working with Steve since 2009.
During that time he has provided invaluable
help in launching new businesses, difficult HR
situations. His focus on ensuring that we are
living our values has focused all aspects of our
business. I have recommended Steve to friends,
employees and colleagues.

Jose Falla President and CEO, Grupo Krea
Tim Haines

Steve stepped alongside of our team during a
time of growth and helped us create job descriptions, job roles, and an employee manual. I really
appreciated Steve’s personal approach and the
extensive amount of time that he was willing to
spend with me one-on-one in person making sure
that everything we did aligned with the values and
goals of our agency. Steve’s work helped us to hire
a new team member and also begin the process of
focusing on retention for our existing employees.

Tim Haines Digital Marketing Director, Symposia Labs